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I know no one goes on anymore but

After all these years of me waiting & thinking hard & really getting to know myself more I have finally went forward with getting top surgery. I have one more exam before I set the date..I know how happy & more confident ill be with my body. Surgery creeps me out but it’s so worth it. I deserve to be happy. I am happy now..I’m going to be happy when my clothes fit me the way I want to. I can’t wait to be a sexy son of a bitch. Sure I have admirers but idgaf what they like. They don’t wake up to be me,I have to see myself each day. Being 22 years old sure has made me so happy & more driven. I’m so in love with life & I can’t wait to be who I dreamed of being..finally.

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i want to ask why but im not

i’m so angry because if I show this to my friends who don’t have tumblr, guaranteed they’re not going to laugh at all, yet i’m here laughing like an idiot at this damn video